Dinner is in the oven, almost ready.  Fairy lights twinkle on the neighbors’ bushes in the blue light of dusk.  From where I sit I see sewing supplies from my most recent project taking up one end of the dining room table and opened mail and papers on the other end and piles of books in the living room, unread as yet.  It is warm and light here, messy and cozy.

I would like also to be like this, a little messy but cozy and in my essence warm and light.


Do You See?

Observing another person is so much easier than being that person. It is as though each of us has on a miner’s hat with a bright lamp on the front. We can see for some distance in any direction we turn our heads, but we cannot see ourselves. Only others can do that.

But as we look at others in the light of our lamps, we do not truly see them either. We see the outside only, clothing, hair, makeup, skin. A human’s heart shines in his eyes, but for the most part all we see when we look at another’s eyes is our own reflection.