On Prayer and Humility

I am wondering today if there is not an essential contradiction between prayer and humility. Doesn’t making a request imply a confidence that one’s request might be attended to? That whoever we pray to might be paying attention to us at that moment, might be influenced by the worthiness, cleverness or presentation of that request? Or worse, that because we repeat a prayer someone else has written that God will snap to attention as if a favorite song from medieval times came up on the playlist of an oldies station and God would stop what s/he was doing to dance around the firmament a bit.

Humility would imply no such certainty.

Humility is not the same as considering oneself unworthy. It is more that humility means that you don’t think of yourself as important one way or the other in the larger scheme of things.

So how do we reconcile this thing called prayer with humility?

I mean, really, who are we to presume that God needs reminding of what we need/want/wish for? Do we consider God so easily distracted? In need of a copy of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Deities?


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